How Much House Can I Actually Afford?

You know the saying "Play the hand you're dealt?" Well, I believe in leaving no stone unturned. It's important to consider every available option when it regards building the budget for buying your dream home. You'd be surprised at what you can do when you work at it. I would like to offer you the ability to calculate the maximum home price you can afford. We're in this together!

I have experience helping folks just like yourself find funds in ways they didn't even think of before. Need advice? Contact me today!

Estimate Your Home Buying Power

Any and all estimations will be as accurate as possible, but may not be verified. Contact us for a solid estimation.

Monthly Gross Income $
Monthly Debt Expenses [?] $
Down Payment: $
Interest Rate: %

[?] Monthly Debt and Obligations Should Include:
  1. Monthly Credit Card Payments
  2. Monthly Auto Payments
  3. Monthly Child Support
  4. Monthly Association Fees
  5. Other Monthly Obligations, but NOT utility bills.